Welcome To Malttt Prestashop's Demo

For testing :

- Sitemap module, please take a look at : https://ps17.agence-malttt.fr/sitemap_index.xml

- Redirection module, go to admin page https://ps17.agence-malttt.fr/admindemo/ then use login "demo@demo.com" and password "demodemo"

- Google Place : Please add a product to the cart and go to order page to see it working.

- Stuart module : Do an order and take a look at the backoffice too.

- LonelyStock / Stock isolation module : Add this product to cart to make things work : click here

- Stuart : Place a product in cart and go straight to checkout, indicate a place in Paris (like 16 Avenue Foch, 75116 Paris).

- Declination limit : Add several products with different size or color to see how it acts.

NB : This demo is reseted every day at 9 AM, 3 PM & 9 PM.